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Overhead Crane Safety and Inspection Requirements
Daily inspections should be performed at the beginning of each shift or before initial use of the crane each shift by the operator or appointed person.

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Operation Safety for Overhead Crane Operators
Employers and employees need to be aware that all cranes are different and may have specific operating, safety, inspection and maintenance requirements.

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Overhead Crane Safety
Never leave the controls unattended while a load is suspended.  If it becomes necessary to leave the controls, lower the load to the floor.

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Safe Operations of Cranes, Hoists, and Truck Hoists
Your Safety is the #1 Priority on any job.  This program is to be used to ensure a safe working environment during lifting operations utilizing proper equipment.

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250t Leibherr Crane Mishap
Gillespie crane support outrigger punches through slab causing crane to lose balance and collapse across the site and onto adjoining property.

8 slides
250 Tonne Crane Incident
Additional photos of the Gillespie crane incident (above).

37 slides
Construction Crane Safety
Craneaccidents killed an average of 78 people per year between 2003 and 2005.  OSHA expects the final standard to prevent 22 fatalities and 175 non-fatal injuries each year.

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Contractor Crane Topple Incident
At about 1330hrs on Saturday December 20, 2008, a 70 ton Groove crane toppled whilst it was being brought into operation for the loading of pipe spools.

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Dutch Crane Incident
These pictures are of a crane incident that occurred in the Netherlands at Shell's Antwerp Refinery.  During a major turnaround, fan tubes were being lifted using a tube tray.  During the lift and while the tube tray was directly over the crane operator's cab, the tube tray deviated from horizontal and the fan tubes slid off and plunged like arrows into the operator's cab.

8 slides
History of New Crane and Derricks Standards
Discusses the development of OSHA's Crane & Derrick Standard from 2003 to 2010.

62 slides
OSHA Cranes and Derricks
Presentation from OSHA on the subject.

11 slides
NYC Crane Collapse
A tower crane attached to a building under construction collapsed and killed 4 and injured at least 12.

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OSHA Crane and Derrick Standard
Self explanatory.
Online Crane Quizzes

Crane Safety Article
An article from the Crane Safety Supply web site.  Discusses different types of cranes along with key areas that should be included with any good crane safety plan.

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Hand Signals for Crane Operations
Who ever is in charge of any crane or hoist operations using any crane or hoist must ensure that a competent, qualified signal person is assigned to work with the crane for as long as it is working within their area of responsibility.

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Subpart CC Cranes and Derricks in Construction
Self explanatory.
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