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Web Link Resources Final Rule:  Safety Program for Surface Mobile Equipment
MSHA's final rule requires mine operators to have written safety programs for surface mobile equipment (excluding belt conveyors) at surface mines and surface areas of underground mines.  The safety programs must include input from miners and their representatives and identify hazards and risks.  District managers will discuss compliance assistance during stakeholder meetings in each district beginning in January 2024.

7 slides
Backhoe Climbs Into Railcar
Unique manuever to lift a backhoe for removing the contents of a railcar.

18 slides
Bench Safety Vehicle Operation
Discusses safety checks which you should make on vehicles operating on benches.

20 slides
Blind Area Study
Report of blind spots for various types of mobile equipment.

8 slides
Blind Zones
Provides overhead views of industrial equipment and the blind spots which exist around them.

27 slides
Front-End Loader Training
It is your responsibility to ensure proper servicing of your loader before you put it to work.

15 slides
Hays, KS Highway Accident
The remnants of a freak mishap I-70 happened when a backhoe boom on a trailer ripped into a bridge and stuck.

20 slides
Learn to Know the "NO" Zone
A look at blind spots that exist on several pieces of mobile equipment.

16 slides
Mechanized Equipment
Discusses requirements for motor vehicles and mechanized equipment.

25 slides
Mobile Equipment Hazards
30 CFR 56.14205 - Machinery, equipment, and tools shall not be used beyond the design capacity intended by the manufacturer where such use may create a hazard to persons.

35 slides
Mobile Equipment Safety
Designed for M/NM, this presentation covers the requirements of Part 56.

118 slides
Mobile Equipment Safety
Presentation from People First that covers the requirements of Part 56.  Contains many photos.

7 slides
Multi-Piece Rim Assembly Component Matching
Includes graphics illustrating rim and wheel assemblies.

17 slides
Where is My Dozer
This is what happens when things get lost and they turn up in the most unexpected places.

38 slides
The "NO" Zone - Expanded Version
Contains images of various pieces of equipment displaying the "NO" Zone, or those areas which are obscured to the operator's line of sight.  See also the referenced PDF file on this subject from NIOSH.

41 slides
Motor Vehicles, Mechanized Equipment for Construction
Safety precautions for construction when operating mechanized equipment.

17 slides
Operating Safety for Draglines, Dozer Operators and Other Groundmen
Shovels, draglines, and tractors shall not be operated in the presence of any person exposed to a hazard from its operation and all such equipment shall be provided with an adequate warning device.

36 slides
Operating Heavy Equipment in the Presence of Personnel On the Ground
Discusses precations to take while operating heavy equipment when persons are on the ground.

8 slides
Rail Car Unloading
Manuever used to place machinery inside a railcar for maintenance and unloading.

8 slides
Pre-Operational Checks
Explains the elements of a pre-operational checklist.

18 slides
Safely Climbing Up and Down on Machinery
Photos illustrate the right way of climbing on and off mobile equipment.

15 slides
Traffic Control Guidelines
All kinds and sizes of vehicles travel roads at mine operations.

9 slides
What not to do with an excavator
An excavator gets stuck big-time while cleaning drainage ditches near Grand Junction, Colorado.

What Not To Do With Equipment
Full of photos of damaged construction and mining equipment.
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