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16 slides
Aerial Lift Safety in Construction
Discusses safe work procedures when using aerial lifts in construction work.

10 slides
Aerial Lifts
Lifts are a better way to reach overhead areas and are safer than ladders.   However, there are safety precautions that must be followed.

37 slides
Basic Rigging
From Peabody, this presentation examines MSHA requirements on the safe use of slings and cranes.

11 slides
Crane & Hoist Training & Inspection Requirements
Through actual accidents, this presentation discusses the OSHA requirements for crane and hoist training and inspection.

44 slides
Examines OSHA regulations and safety precautions when cranes are in use.

38 slides
From the OSHA Office of Training and Education, this presentation covers the rules and safety precautions when using cranes.

89 slides
Cranes and Derricks
Provides an indepth look at 29 CFR and discusses precautions that all employers must take to insure safety.

29 slides
Cranes and Slings
An examination of 29 CFR 1910.179 regarding the safe use of cranes and slings.

32 slides
Cranes, Derricks, Hoists, Elevators, & Conveyors
Discusses regulatory requirements when cranes, hoists, elevators and conveyors are used.

23 slides
Rigging Equipment
Explores regulatory requirements and precautions in the use of rigging equipment.

9 slides
Toledo I-280 Crane Accident
On February 16, 2004, the Toledo I-280 crane accident occurred.  Four workers were killed when a crane collapsed during construction of the I-280 Bridge.

52 slides
Cranes, Slings and You
Cranes that have been idle, must be inspected and tested before being placed back in service using the criteria that applies to periodic inspection.  Special attention should be given to the hook, lifting chain and wire rope.

80 slides
Indoor Crane and Sling Safety
Indepth look at hazards, regulations and precautions using cranes and slings.

18 slides
Overhead and Gantry Crane Safety
Explores safety requirements and precautions when overhead cranes are in use.

19 slides
Powered Platforms
Discusses hazards of working on powered platforms.
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