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2019 Coal Mine Rescue Contests

National Coal Mine Rescue and First Aid Contest

State Championships

Skills Competitions

Tests & Practice
• 2019 Statements of Fact
• 2019 Written Exams
• All Written Exams
• Emergency Medical Reponder Exams
  Local Competitions

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Files contributed by Harry Lovely, Morton Salt, Grand River, Ohio
and Danny Knott, Kentucky Coal Academy, Versailles, Kentucky.

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2019 Contest Statements of Fact  PDF icon image

PDF icon imageMine Rescue
PDF icon imageFirst Aid
PDF icon imageBioPak 240R
PDF icon imageDrδger BG4
PDF icon imagePreshift

Mine   Rescue
Online Exams (Statements of Fact PDF icon image)
  • Test No. 1   • Test No. 4
  • Test No. 2   • Test No. 5
  • Test No. 3   • Answers
Note: The 2018 and 2019 Coal Mine Rescue Statements of Fact are the same.

See the BioPak 240R on the web  External Link Icon Download the BioPak 240R Brochure   (2.8 Mb)

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