Team Trainer Test IX
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  The Industrial Scientific Corporation iTX and the iBrid gas instruments have an operating temperature range from -20 F to 116 F.

2.  If there is an oxygen sensor installed in the instrument, it is calibrated during the zeroing operation.

3.  All over-range conditions will clear automatically when the gas concentration has decreased to a level within the display range of the gas instrument in non-latching mode.

4.  During calibration, what is the recommended flow rate for both the iTX and the iBrid?

5.  The functional bump test is intended to be a measure of the accuracy of the instrument.

6.  Carbon Fiber wrapped Oxygen cylinders for the BioPak 240R must be hydrostatically tested every _______________.

7.  If medical grade oxygen is not available aeronautical grade oxygen is acceptable.

8.  Dow Corning 111 grease can be used to lubricate all of the o-rings except the one at the oxygen cylinder.

9.  The percentage of oxygen in your apparatus face mask is maintained at 21%.

10.  MSHA requires Periodic Maintenance should be performed at least ____________ on Mine Rescue Breathing Apparatus.

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