Team Trainer Test I
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  Module 4 of the Metal Non Metal revised 2008 edition of "A Guide to Mine Rescue Training" is:

2.  Module 5 in the guide to mine rescue training discusses:

3.  30 CFR, part 49.1 discusses:

4.  30 CFR, part 49, subpart B is for Metal Non Metal teams.

5.  30 CFR, 49.3 an operator can apply for small and remote status if there are fewer then ______ underground employees within two hours of ground travel time.

6.  49.7 under physical requirements for mine rescue team members a team member must have a repeated blood pressure reading that does not exceed:

7.  Mine rescue equipment repair records shall be kept for:

8.  Which of the following is not true of sulfur dioxide?

9.  An elevated concentration of carbon dioxide in mine air can be harmful because:

10.  Characteristics of hydrogen sulfide include:

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