Team Trainer Test II
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  Gases that are neither toxic nor explosive:

2.  Carbon dioxide (CO2) seeks high places.

3.  Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) seeks high places.

4.  Hydrogen (H2) seeks high places.

5.  Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) has a specific gravity of 2.2638, therefore should be tested for in low areas.  It has a very low explosive range and is very toxic.

6.  Infectious diseases range from such generally mild conditions as the common cold to life-threatening diseases such as tuberculosis.  The four diseases of most concern to emergency medical responders are:

7.  The appropriate rate of compressions during adult CPR is ____________ per minute.

8.  Pulmonary resuscitation is:

9.  Mine rescue teams should alter existing ventilation:

10.  Burning materials that give off extremely toxic gases in addition to carbon monoxide:

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