Team Trainer Test IV
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  It is much easier for concentrations of explosive gases to build up when the barometric pressure is low and the temperature is high.

2.  The gallbladder is located in the _______________ abdominal quadrant.

3.  The ___________ determines whether to advance fresh air or build an air lock to rescue survivors.

4.  During a mine rescue contest, the team must "count off":

5.  Hydrogen Sulfide is most explosive at _________ percent.

6.  MSHA Forms 5000-3 must be kept on file for a period of _______________.

7.  Initial assessment is an overview of the scene to identify any obvious or potential hazards.

8.  During a rescue and recovery operation, one of the duties of the outside Supervisor is to:

9.  A body at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will decay very rapidly.

10.  When the heart stops beating, the oxygen supply remaining in the brain is then used up in about _________ minutes:

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