Team Trainer Test VIII
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  ____________________ may be produced by blasting in sulfide ores and by fires containing iron pyrite (commonly known as "foolís gold").  ____________________ may be released during the burning of some diesel fuels and by sulfide ore dust explosions.

2.  You may wish to mention that any testing device containing electrical circuits, such as methane detectors, used in mines classified as gassy must be "____________________."  This means that MSHA has tested the devices and found them safe for use under such conditions.

3.  ____________________ is produced by the incomplete combustion of carbon materials during fires and explosions.  It may also be liberated when water or steam comes in contact with hot carbon materials during firefighting.

4.  Rescue team members use some of the same basic equipment that any underground miner uses.  For example, each member will be outfitted with a hard hat, cap lamp, steel-toe shoes or boots, and a _________________ ID tag.

5.  When several survivors suffering from physical and/or ____________________ have been located, the accurate sorting of priority victims may mean the difference between life and death.  This sorting of victims is commonly referred to as a "triage" system.

6.  If you are caring for a patient with a heat emergency and he has an altered mental status, provide care for _______________.

7.  In general, an Emergency Medical Responder should only move a patient when absolutely necessary.  Your primary role is to assess the patient, provide basic emergency care, and continue to monitor the patientís condition until more advanced personnel arrive.

8.  There are times when a patient must be moved immediately, even if you do not have the appropriate people or equipment to do so.  These situations call for a(n) _______________.

9.  Which one is not a sign of shock associated with internal bleeding?

10.  We usually think of a poison as a liquid or solid chemical that has been ingested (swallowed), but there are actually _______________ routes of exposure, or ways that a poison can enter the body.

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