Team Trainer Test VI
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  During a mine rescue contest, where crosscuts are blocked, no team member may advance more than 2 feet beyond the second intersection before tying across and/or behind into all unexplored areas that intersect.

2.  30 CFR 49.6(a)(6) requires gas detectors must measure concentrations of methane from:

3.  The volume of the chest cavity is increased by muscle contraction.

4.  Mine rescue team communication systems must be at least _________ feet in length.

5.  __________ is a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and air.

6.  Fear is a symptom of shock.

7.  Broken bone ends protruding through the skin is a(n) _____________ wound.

8.  A hazard of direct firefighting is:

9.  A mine rescue team member will be ineligible to serve on a team if more than six hours of training is missed during one year.

10.  _________ has a slight garlic odor.

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