Team Trainer Test VII
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  _________ is a sign of partial airway obstruction.

2.   is a symbol for:

3.  In natural ventilation greater temperature differences result in larger airflow.

4.  The human body is can be divided into _________ regions.

5.  Over ventilating a person can cause gastric distention.

6.  During a mine rescue contest, apparatus checks are conducted at the first team stop and then at not more than _________ minute intervals while the team is working the problem.

7.  Spatial disorientation can be caused by traveling in dense smoke.

8.  ___________ is a sign of hypoglycemia.

9.  Re-ventilation after an explosion in a single-level, room-and-pillar mine is usually accomplished by progressive ventilation.

10.  It is recommended that you donít eat within 2 hours prior to wearing apparatus.

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