Dräger BG4 Test I
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  Repair and general overhaul of the apparatus may only be carried out be Dräger personnel.

2.  The cover on the BG4 has a width of 17.72 inches.

3.  Before the regenerated breathing air is inhaled again, it flows through the air cooler.  When it is filled with ice the temperature of the exhaled air is lowered, thus reducing the physical strain on the user.

4.  Only use the corresponding respirator mask Panorama Nova-EPDN/Silicone.

5.  The Monitron, meets the explosion-proof standards to EEx ia 11c T3 and EEx ia 1 and approved for use in gaseous mines by MSHA.

6.  The factory packed CO2 absorber must be checked before being filled and may only be used if: Ports 1-3 are tightly sealed with plugs and used by date on the label has not yet expired.

CO2 Absorber

7.  Operation without the ice pack is also permitted below 0 degrees C.

8.  Fill the ice receptacle with water up to 50mm (2inches) from the rim.  Leave to freeze completely at approx. -15 degrees F for at least 16 hours in a deep freezer.

9.  If a fault is found during the high pressure leak test: Alarm sounds 4 times, Red indicator flashes 30 seconds, Err is displayed for 30 seconds.

10.  Always set out in groups with at least 2 people wearing apparatus.

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