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For more on mine disasters in the United States since 1839, visit here,
and visit here for vintage news on the evolution of mine safety in the US.

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Emergency Simulation Guideline For Underground Mines
A simulation is a way to test a companyís emergency response plan. It allows the company to perfect the plan before an actual emergency occurs. The simulation may also point out hazards that can be controlled or eliminated to prevent an emergency from occurring.

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Historical Summary of MSHAíS Mine Emergency Operations (MEO) Program
"The Sheppton Mine Disaster marked the first recorded event of a man being rescued by use of a borehole drilled into a mine in the United States."
Note: The above claim by the author may be in error when you examine the rescue of 14 miners from the Shakespeare Placer gold mine cave-in at Dome Creek, Alaska in 1911.

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SureWave Technology at Federal No. 2 Mine
The Department of Mining Engineering at West Virginia University had been tasked in 2006 with assisting the state Office of Minerís Safety Health and Training to: 1) conduct field test of the seismic locating system at underground coal mines to determine the seismic systemís operating capabilities and limitations under various geological and mining conditions, and 2) help determine the exact specifications of the required seismic system that will fill the needs for establishing a practical mine rescue seismic capability in the state of West Virginia.  In that earlier work, a number of different micro-seismic systems/manufacturers were evaluated.

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Guidance on the Role and Design of Safe Havens
England - This guidance represents good practice as considered by the Mining Industry Committee, representative of all sides of the underground mining industry.  It was prepared, in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), by its Escape and Rescue Operations in Mines Working Group.

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Are You Prepared?
We must find ways to improve our mine emergency preparedness and response capabilities so that we can improve mine safety and health.  MSHA looks forward to your help to make sure that everyone can answer, "Yes.  We are prepared."

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Are You Prepared?
This document gives guidance on the role and design of safe havens and facilities for the exchange and recharge of self-rescuers.  For the purpose of this guidance, the latter are referred to as semi-sealed safe havens.  The guidance also covers location and use.

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Strategies for Escape and Rescue (NIOSH)
A systematic self-escape and safe-rescue strategy is necessary when mine emergency incidents such as fires or explosions occur and lives are in danger.
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Mine Emergency Operations (MEO)
55-slide presentation describing the equipment, capabilities, and staging locations of MSHA's Mine Emergency Operations.

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Lite Tracker from Grace Industries
Product brochure from Grace Industries.
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