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Drager BG4 Specifications
Drager BG4 SCBA specifications from the manufacturer.

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Drager BG4 Users Manual
Drager BG4 users manual from the manufacturer.
Drager BG-4 Quizzes
Test No. 1
Test No. 2
Test No. 3
Test No. 4
Test No. 5
Test No. 6
Test No. 7
Test No. 8
Test No. 9
Test No. 10
Test No. 11
Test No. 12
Test No. 13
Test No. 14
Test No. 15
Test No. 16

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History of Drager
Progression of the developments of safety gear produced by this German manufacturer.
Mining Product: BG4 Bench Trainer Software External Link Icon
The BG4 Bench Trainer software is a supplemental tool used to assist mine rescue personnel in learning and retaining knowledge of the process of benching a Draeger BG4 breathing apparatus.  This interactive software, developed by researchers at NIOSH, places the user in a 3D interactive environment where they can visually inspect the individual parts of a BG4 breathing apparatus, assemble the parts, and test the assembled unit with the virtual RZ tester.
Official Spectacle Kits for Drager Full-face Respirator Masks External Link
SafeVision is the authorized prescription spectacle kit manufacturer for Drager respirator full-face respirator masks.

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Product information: Drager PSS BG 4 plus
The Drager PSS BG4 plus closed-circuit breathing apparatus combines uncompromising safety with outstanding respiratory protection and wearer comfort.  Innovative in design, it provides the wearer with up to four hours of breathing air in toxic environments.

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Equipo de Circuito Cerrado de larga Duraci n PSS-BG 4
Los rescates en t neles, acceso a garajes, s tanos, intervenciones en barcos, y en general intervenciones en lugares de dif cil acceso o espacios confinados, requieren de equipos que permitan largas estancias en la zona, equipos conocidos como de circuito cerrado de larga duraci n .

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Performance Comparison of Rescue Breathing Apparatus
NIOSH RI 9650 - A performance comparison of 14 rescue breathing apparatus was undertaken as an assessment of past and present worldwide technology.  Rescue breathing apparatus are self-contained, closed-circuit breathing apparatus used for entry into areas having atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health.

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Drager Respiratory Protection Equipment
Provides an overview of all types of respiratory protective equipment made by Drager.
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