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For more on mine disasters in the United States since 1839, visit here,
and visit here for vintage news on the evolution of mine safety in the US.

Mine Rescue Contest Problems and Written Exams
Your preeminent location for mine rescue contest problems and written examinations from 2012 to the present.  Plus, we have an excellent area containing the Past Champions from the National Mine Rescue Contests.
Successful Mine Rescues
Listed in descending chronological order, this file contains hundreds of successful rescues in the United States.  Also contains additional information links located at usminedisasters.com.
Incidents of Mine Rescuer Deaths
Listed in descending chronological order, this file contains more than 100 incidents of rescuer death in the United States.  Also contains additional information links located at usminedisasters.com.

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Successful Mine Rescue Durations
This linked PDF file contains a chronological list of — more than 400 successful rescues — from 1846-2020.  Each rescue event listed contains a web or document link to additional information about the event.

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Historical Summary of MSHA’S Mine Emergency Operations (MEO) Program
"The Sheppton Mine Disaster marked the first recorded event of a man being rescued by use of a borehole drilled into a mine in the United States."
Note: The above claim by the author may be in error when you examine the rescue of 14 miners from the Shakespeare Placer gold mine cave-in at Dome Creek, Alaska in 1911.

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2010 Doe Run Equipment Fire and Rescue
MSHA's accident investigation report on an event in 2010 which left 3 miners trapped in the mine following a haul truck fire.  See more on this accident.

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Fitness for Mine Rescue Personnel
This Department of Industry and Resources guideline offers a practical approach for mine managers and supervisors to assist in ensuring that mine rescue personnel are appropriately medically and physically fit, so reducing the risk of injury, or sudden incapacity during a mine rescue event or training.
Mine Disasters in the United States External Link Icon
Mammoth library containing information on all mine disasters in the US since 1839.

Mining Product: BG4 Bench Trainer Software External Link Icon
The BG4 Bench Trainer software is a supplemental tool used to assist mine rescue personnel in learning and retaining knowledge of the process of benching a Draeger BG4 breathing apparatus.  This interactive software, developed by researchers at NIOSH, places the user in a 3D interactive environment where they can visually inspect the individual parts of a BG4 breathing apparatus, assemble the parts, and test the assembled unit with the virtual RZ tester.

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Loss of Life Among Wearers of Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
This Bureau of Mines information circular provides information showing that from 1911 to 1940, inclusive, 26 men lost their lives while wearing oxygen breathing apparatus in this country.

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A Study of Heat Stress Exposures and Interventions
Mine rescue operations in the United States resulted in a heat-related double fatality in October 2002 when two members of a team exploring an abandoned mine slope in Nevada were lost (MSHA, 2003).  In Poland in 1998, 10 mine rescuers were overcome by heat during an exploration activity and subsequent rescue attempts, resulting in six fatalities (Goldstein and Kajdasz, 2000)

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Final Rule - Mine Rescue Teams
Copy of the Federal Register published June 30, 2009 following a court decision made in February 2009.

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Federal Register - Mine Rescue Teams - Final Rule
Published February 8, 2008, this is the final rule for mine rescue teams as required by the MINER Act of 2006.

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Responding to a Mine Emergency
The responsible person shall be trained annually in a course of instruction in mine emergency response, as prescribed by MSHA's Office of Educational Policy and Development.

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Never Falter Never Fail
From Joel Tankersley, this poem about the life of the mine rescuer has become very popular among team members.  MORE

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The Great Escape
MSHA's suggested alternative to mine emergency escape and evacuation.

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BioPak 240R Turn-Around Maintenance
It is imperative that prior to using the BioPak 240R all bench tests must have been performed and documented on the Turn-Around Maintenance tag which is attached to the BioPak 240R.  Also, before using the BioPak 240R a fully charged oxygen cylinder, two fully frozen ice canisters and a recharge of carbon dioxide absorbent must be installed.

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Product information: Drager PSS® BG 4 plus
The Drager PSS BG4 plus closed-circuit breathing apparatus combines uncompromising safety with outstanding respiratory protection and wearer comfort.  Innovative in design, it provides the wearer with up to four hours of breathing air in toxic environments.

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The WVU Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies
On September 11, 2014 Mining and Industrial Extension celebrated 100 Years of Service to West Virginia University, the State of West Virginia and to all of those in the mining industry.

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1922 McCaa Apparatus Patent Filing
The 1922 patent filing of George S. McCaa, assignor for the Mine Safety Appliances Company, for his invention of the McCaa Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.  The patent was approved on April 19, 1927.

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Equipo de Circuito Cerrado de larga Duración PSS-BG 4
Los rescates en túneles, acceso a garajes, sótanos, intervenciones en barcos, y en general intervenciones en lugares de difícil acceso o espacios confinados, requieren de equipos que permitan largas estancias en la zona, equipos conocidos como "de circuito cerrado de larga duración."
Digital Mining Photograph Archive External Link
The MSHA Digital Library photograph collection includes over 1,000 historical mining photographs from the original Bureau of Mines collection.  These photographs cover a wide range of topics connected to mining, including underground, community, mine rescue, and historical scenes.  New images will be added to the collection on a regular basis.
Mine Rescue Training Video Resources
Mine Rescue Training Video ResourcesBrowse these additional categories related to Mine Rescue Training for more Video resources.

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Training Module Product Information
Commercial Training Solutions, LLC (CTS) creates high-impact safety and operations training solutions using virtual reality and 3D animation technology.
This textbook again named as the source for FIRST AID and TEAM TRAINER test questions in the 2019-2020 Metal and Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Contest RulesExternal Link

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BioPak 240R Revolution
Full color brochure from Biomarine on the BioPak 240R self-contained breathing apparatus.

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MSHA Form 5000-3 - Physical Exam
Physical exam form 5000-3 for mine rescue team members.

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Underground Coal Mine Fire Preparedness and Response Checklist
NIOSH paper from the fire and explosion group.

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Performance Comparison of Rescue Breathing Apparatus
NIOSH RI 9650 - A performance comparison of 14 rescue breathing apparatus was undertaken as an assessment of past and present worldwide technology.  Rescue breathing apparatus are self-contained, closed-circuit breathing apparatus used for entry into areas having atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life and health.

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Mine Rescue Final Rule Q & A
This document contains questions and answers pertaining to the final mine rescue rule derived from the MINER Act.

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Assessment of Thermal Environment of Mine Refuge Chamber
The purpose of this MineArc Systems study was to determine the occupancy time required to exceed an apparent temperature of 95° F in a refuge chamber not equipped with an air cooling system.

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Mine Rescue Handbook
From the National Mining Association.

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Operator’s Annual Certification of Mine Rescue Team Qualifications
Form required by the 2008 Mine Rescue Final Rule.  This form is interactive - download only for use.

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Mine Rescue in Indiana: Past, Present and Future
A look at the past and present mine rescue efforts of the Indiana Bureau of Mines and a look to the future.

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Coal Mine Rescue Team Final Rule
MSHA presentation in PDF format on the Mine Rescue Rule published February 8, 2008.

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MSHA 3026 - Initial Mine Rescue Team Training for Coal and Metal/Nonmetal
MSHA’s Mine Rescue Instruction Guide (IG) series is intended to help coal, and metal and nonmetal mine operators develop mine rescue team training required under 30 CFR Part 49.

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MSHA 3027 - Mine Rescue Team Training for Metal and Nonmetal Mines
MSHA’s Mine Rescue Instruction Guide (IG) series is intended to help metal and nonmetal mine operators develop mine rescue team training required under 30 CFR Part 49.

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MSHA 3028 - Mine Rescue Team Training for Coal Mines
MSHA’s Mine Rescue Instruction Guide (IG) series is intended to help coal mine operators develop mine rescue team training required under 30 CFR Part 49.

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BioPak 240R User Instructions
This manual is for use by personnel trained in the use and care of compressed oxygen, closed-circuit breathing apparatus, and MUST NOT be used as a self-teaching guide by untrained users.  Failure to understand or adhere to the BioPak user instructions and BioPak benchman manual may result in injury or death.

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Blasting for Rescue Applications
The use of blasting to rescue entrapped persons has a long history.  At the turn of the 20th century, mine collapses were unfortunately common.  Major rescue efforts often involved drilling and blasting to reach trapped miners.  In recent years, explosives have been used in at least one cave rescue effort in Europe and a successful mine rescue in Australia.  Given the risks involved and limitations of high explosives however, blasting to remove obstacles is uncommon today.  Advances in technology have opened up new possibilities for the cave or mine rescue team that should be considered.  The wide availability of high-powered, battery-operated rock drills, non-detonating blasting cartridges and even small-scale “micro blasting” kits have opened up new options.  In this paper, we survey the current state of these techniques, including their capabilities, limitations and the logistics of building a deployable capability for a rescue team.

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Operator's Annual Certification of Mine Rescue Team Qualifications
A generic form to satisfy the annual certification of qualifications of mine rescue team members.
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Mine Rescue Training PowerPoint ResourcesBrowse these additional categories related to Mine Rescue Training for more PowerPoint resources.
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Mine Rescue Training PowerPoint ResourcesBrowse these additional categories related to Mine Rescue Training for more Adobe PDF resources.

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