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Download:   IG 115, Module 2, Mine Gases, 22 pages, 821 Kb  PDF Format

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222 slides
MSHA 2202 Mine Gases Training Module
Designed for Metal and Nonmetal, this lengthy presentation from MSHA details information about all mine gases.  Part of the Training Modules provided by the Mine Safety and Health Administration.
Mine Gases - The Collection  Updated
These nine gases are commonly present in undergound metal and nonmetal, and coal mines.  Each presentation contains [questions and answers] about the gas named.  Answers are revealed in slideshow mode.  Download all 107 questions (answered) in MS Word format.

18 slides
Mine Gases
Another mine gas presentation from the PA Bureau of Mine Safety.  Appropriate for all mine training programs.

30 slides
Gases in Underground Stone Mines
Designed for underground stone and limestone mines, this presentation covers the different gases that may be encountered.

21 slides
Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness
Hydrogen Sulfide is an extremely toxic gas that is colorless, flammable, heavier than air, soluble in water, and has the smell of rotten eggs at lower concentrations.

11 slides
Hydrogen Sulfide Hazard Assessment
Characteristics, sources and detection methods of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).

31 slides
An Evaluation of a Workplace Hazard: Carbon Monoxide
Discusses exposure to CO in the workplace from an OSHA perspective.

21 slides
Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer
Because Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it is virtually impossible for humans to be aware of its presence.  The most effective, and often only way to know if CO is present is to obtain a detector.

21 slides
Mine Rescue Gas Detection
Mine gases and their detection is discussed.  This presentation, from the PA Bureau of Mine Safety is appropriate for all mine training programs.

7 slides
M40M Multi-Gas Monitor
Start up and pre-check prodedures for the M40M Multi-Gas Monitor.

5 slides
MSA Passport Personal Alarm
Mine rescue contest pre-checks for the MSA Passport Personal Alarm.

4 slides
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
This presentation is more about carbon monoxide detector maintenance than the gas itself.
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35 slides
Carbon Monoxide: The “Invisible Killer”
Carbon Monoxide poisoning is one of the leading causes of unintentional/accidental poisoning deaths in the United States.

1 slide
Carbon Monoxide Toxicity Chart
Chart depicting the various levels of carbon monoxide poisoning.

20 slides
Fire Hazards of Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres
We can breathe in a 50-60% oxygen enriched atmosphere for several hours under medical care (oxygen therapy).  But it is dangerous to do so without knowing the associated risks due to oxygen enrichment.

13 slides
Use of Drager Pump & Tubes
Describes the proper use of the Draeger Multi-Gas Detector.

Much, much more on Mine Gases
Here you'll find a storehouse of information on mine gases, including: questions and answers, physical properties, specific gravities, and basic principles.  Plus, there are fifteen online tests for you to take.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle External Link
A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.  This number can vary based on a vehicle’s fuel, fuel economy, and the number of miles driven per year.

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report: 1990-2014 External Link
The EPA develops an annual report called the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks (Inventory).  This report tracks total annual U.S. emissions and removals by source, economic sector, and greenhouse gas going back to 1990.
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