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Hand Safety Tool Kit
Five tailgate topics on hand safety.

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Care and Use of MSA V-Gard® Helmets-Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
FAQs about the MSA V-Gard® Helmet.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Employers must protect employees from workplace hazards such as machines, work procedures, and hazardous substances that can cause injury.

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Sample PPE Company Policy
Sample policies on eye protection, footwear and gloves.

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Sample Hand Protection Policy
The guidelines of this policy are meant to be a minimum standard for all XXXXX locations.  Individual facility managers may impose stricter guidelines at their discretion.

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Sample PPE Policy Manual
Section 4 from the safety manual of KMC Mining covering personal protective equipment.

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Hand Protection
The purpose of this work instruction is to establish consistent requirements for the selection of hand protection on all work locations.

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Hand Protection Policy
The guidelines of this policy are meant to be a minimum standard for all XXXXX locations.

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Sample Glove Policy
The purpose of glove use is to shield or isolate individuals from chemical, mechanical, environmental, physical, biological, or other hazards that may be present in the workplace.

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Personal Protective Equipment and Hazard Assessment Program
This standard is designed to protect employees by reducing the probability of injuries from hazards that may exist due to normal operations or emergencies.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) establishes a barrier between the worker and the hazard, but it does not eliminate the hazard.
PPE: Written Certification of Workplace Hazard Assessment
Individuals electing to use these draft documents for the purpose of compliance with OSHA safety and health requirements (29CFR 1910.132) should be aware that it is offered as a starting point towards compliance with specific documentation requirements contained in OSHA standards.

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Personal Protective Equipment Guideline
The purpose of this procedure is to provide a safe work environment for all personnel on (Company/Site) property.

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Cutting Tool Standard
This standard outlines the precautions, which shall be considered whenever these hand held cutting tools are used.

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Eye Examination - Test Your Knowledge
10 questions and answers pertaining to eye protection, eye injuries, and emergency eye care.

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PPE Matrix
Nice chart identifying PPE requirements related to specific tasks.

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Safety Management Standard: Personal Protective Equipment
The purpose of this standard is to provide information on recognizing those conditions that require PPE.

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Personal Protective Equipment Standard
Another document from KMC Mining covering PPE.  This program covers the requirements associated with the selection, maintenance, training and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used to protect individuals from actual or potential safety and health risks.

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Why No Baseball Caps
Explains why nothing, i.e. baseball caps, should be worn under your hard hat.

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The Care and Feeding of a Head Protection System
Some hard hats can be modified so you can add face shields, goggles, hoods, or hearing protection to them
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