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Arc Flash and Burn
The importance of proper PPE is the topic of discussion for this video.

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Saved By His Hardhat
Construction worker, Keith Anthony, tells of how his hard hat saved his life.

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The Cow
Hilarious video commercial where our actor demonstrates one of the shortcomings to loose fitting clothing.

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This is your skull without a helmet...
Not sure what the language is, but the message is clear.
Safety Rap
Dominion VA Power video by Dennis McDade.
When are Work Gloves Dangerous?
Wearing gloves can actually create a danger when working around machinery with moving parts.
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Grinders: What's the Right Eye Protection?
Safety glasses or goggles alone often do not provide sufficient protection when using grinders.
Safety Basics: Personal Protective Equipment
Volume 5 in Caterpillar's Safety Basics video series, this 2007 video covers what is frequently the last line of defense between you and injury: personal protective equipment, or "PPE."
Eye Safety
This Safety Watch will review some of the most common types of eye injuries, how these injuries may have been prevented and how these injuries should be treated in the event that one should occur.
It's Not Just About Me
Hear a motivational, true-life experience of how LIFE can change in the blink of an eye.  Tony uses humor and real-life stories to share how he is living as a blind person in a sighted world.  Hear how he feels blessed to be alive as he shares his message of Triumph over Tragedy!

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