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Various Conversion Calculators
Rescued from the archives, here is an offering of several conversion calculators to help you with those pesky math problems.

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Pennsylvania Bituminous Mine Officials Exam Study Guide
From the Pennsylvania State University and the PA Bureau of Mine Safety, this 521 page document provides guidance and sample test questions and answers for those preparing for the bituminous mine officials examination.

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2016 Annual Coal Report
Here's a copy of the 2016 Annual Coal Report published in November 2017 by the U. S. Energy Information Administration.  Provides some eye-opening statistics related to coal production, no. of mines and employees in the United States.

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Glossary of Blasting Terms
13-page reference document on blasting terms and their definitions.

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Glossary of Blasting Terms
Glossary of terms used in explosives and blasting.

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Glossary of Hardrock Mining Terms
Three pages of terms and definitions used in the metal and nonmetal mining industries.

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Glossary of Mining Terms
31-page reference document to terms and defintions used in the mining industry.

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MSHA Final Rule - Mine Seals

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GAO Report on MSHA's Accountability
GAO report on MSHA's accountabilty for additional guidance for equipment and mine emergency plans.

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2007 Pennsylvania Coal Data
Coal statistics for Pennsylvania prepared by the PA Coal Association (PCA).

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How Miners Get Hurt at Dimension Stone Operations
This case study involves a small dimension stone quarry in upstate New York.

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Pennsylvania Bituminous Underground Coal Mining Laws
Update of PA Bituminous Mining Laws effective January 3, 2009.  NOTE: For full-page printing, adjust the print setup.

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West Virginia Underground Coal Mine Laws
Self explanatory.

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Indiana Coal Mine Safety
Statistical information from the Indiana Bureau of Mines.

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Utah Mine Foreman Test Preparation Study Guide
This guide was developed by the Utah Labor Commission.  The CFR References throughout this guide are current as of 2014.

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Bagged Stonedust Barriers
Discusses types and specifications for a bagged stonedust barrier to the extension of flame.
Anthracite Mine Accident Victims 1899-1932
Great genealogy resource!  These files contain alphabetical listings of all fatal and nonfatal accident victims in Anthracite mining from 1899-1932. Follow this link for accident and fatality resources for other states.

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The Rube
The Rube by Joel Tankersley.  More of Joel's humorous poetry can be found at our website.
Pennsylvania Annual Report of Mines by Year: 1870-1979 External Link
Published since the 1870s this report contains production statistics, mine names, locations, owner information, and accident statistics.

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Washington State Mining Fatalities External Link Icon
Alphabetical digest of Washington State mining fatalities from 1885-1960.

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The Retsof Salt Mine Collapse
On March 12, 1994, at 5:43 a.m., an apparent earthquake of magnitude 3.6 centered near Cuylerville, New York, woke residents and registered on seismographs 300 miles away.  MORE

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Serious Metal/Nonmetal Accident
A miner was operating a crawler hydraulic blast hole drill and the miner's loose-fitting sweatshirt was caught in the drill steel.

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Ground Control in Deep Cover Mines
From MSHA, best practices for ground control in deep cover mines.

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Handbook for Methane Control
From NIOSH, Information Circular 9486 by Fred N. Kissell, Ph.D. (191 pages)

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2007 Ohio Mineral Industries Annual Report
Two files in 1 make up this 2007 report for Ohio's mining industries.

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Final Senate Bill 949
The PA Senate introduced SB-949 to update the PA mining laws.  This is the final version.
Digital Mining Photograph Archive External Link
The MSHA Digital Library photograph collection includes over 1,000 historical mining photographs from the original Bureau of Mines collection.  These photographs cover a wide range of topics connected to mining, including underground, community, mine rescue, and historical scenes.  New images will be added to the collection on a regular basis.

Online Ventilation Quizzes
Coal Mine Health and Safety Act Signed External Link
On December 30, 1969, President Richard Nixon signed into law the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act.  Since the Monongah mine disaster External Link in Marion County more than 60 years earlier, Congress had been passing laws to address coal mine safety.  However, most were filled with loopholes or lacked funding for enforcement.  See moreExternal Link

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