Ventilation Statements I
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. In order for air to flow from the intake to the exhaust airways, the intake air must be at a lower pressure than the exhaust.

2. In natural ventilation, the greater the temperature differences between workings will result in larger airflow with no effect on the natural ventilation pressure.

3. If a mine rescue team finds a fallen check curtain while exploring a mine, the team should immediately repair the check curtain.

4. The rule-of-thumb when altering ventilation is not to change the ventilation into an explored area.

5. Airlocks are not required before opening a door when conditions on the other side are not known.

6. Changes in pressure and temperature will have the following effect on a gas:

7. Knowing the specific gravity for a gas helps ______________ .

8. Porous stoppings such as concrete block stoppings are usually plastered on the low pressure side.

9. Hydrogen can be produced when water or steam comes in contact with hot carbon material during firefighting.

10. As little as 300 PPM (0.03 percent) of carbon monoxide can kill you in three hours.

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