Ventilation Statements II
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. In order for air to flow from the intake to the exhaust airways, the intake air must be at a lower pressure than the exhaust.

2. Ventilation controls properly distribute air to all sections of the mine by controlling the ______________ of air that travels.

3. ______________ is/are especially useful for rescue teams to use when they need to flush out or ventilate a small area of the mine.

4. Air locks are used by mine rescue teams ______________ .

5. An anemometer actually measures ______________ of air.

6. If a mine rescue team finds a fallen check curtain while exploring a mine, the team should immediately repair the check curtain.

7. The TLV for carbon dioxide is ______________ .

8. An asphyxiating gas will ______________ .

9. Tests for carbon monoxide (CO) must be made __________________.

10. For the purposes of contest work, no barricade will be entered without ventilating in front of the barricade if ______________ .

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