Technician Team Test V
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  Oxygen enriched atmospheres may cause readings of combustible (methane) gas to be ______________ than actual concentrations.

2.  Silicone compound vapors may cause readings of combustible gas to be lower than actual gas concentrations.

3.  Solvents or cleaning solvents can be used to clean the outside of the iTX instrument.

4.  With a minimum of ____________ of battery life remaining, the iTX unit will emit a periodic tone alerting the user to charge/replace the battery.

5.  Under the specifications of the manual, the iTX will have a run time of ________ under the following conditions:
a fully charged Li-ion pack; all sensors installed; room temperature; no alarms activated; and without a parasitic pump.

6.  For calibration, any gas sensor with a full span value greater than _________ of the calibration gas value will show PASS.

7.  Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure may cause temporary fluctuations in the ______________ reading.

8.  A functional (bump) test is defined as:

9.  Verify the calibration of the combustible gas sensor after any incident where the combustible gas content has caused the instrument to latch in the OVER-RANGE (alarm) conditions.

10.  The oxygen sensor will calibrate to room (clean) air at _______.

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