Technician Team Test II
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  When installing or filling CO2 absorption material into my apparatus it is important to:

2.  When installing my pressurized oxygen cylinder in a ready to go apparatus, caution should be used to ensure:

3.  A small leak in the breathing circuit/loop will cause the ____________ valve to open frequently.

4.  If Positive Pressure could be attributed to ONLY ONE component in the apparatus what would it be:

5.  Manual overuse of the __________ will significantly reduce the duration of the apparatus.

6.  The functional bump test is intended to be a measure of the accuracy of the instrument.

7.  The Industrial Scientific Corporation iTX and the iBrid gas instruments have an operating temperature range from 20° F to 116° F.

8.  Industrial Scientific recommends that a full instrument calibration be performed using certified concentration(s) of Industrial Scientific branded calibration gas(es) _______ to ensure maximum accuracy.

9.  If there is an oxygen sensor installed in the instrument, it is calibrated during the zeroing operation.

10.  The range for an Oxygen (O2) sensor is 0% to 25%.

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