Dräger BG4 Test II
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  The mission must always be ended when the last low-pressure warning output is at approx. 10 bar.

2.  The first low-pressure warning occurs when the pressure drops to approx. 46 bar.

3.  When the low pressure warning occurs ______ % of oxygen has been used up.

4.  Instead of the factory packed scrubber you can also use a refillable chemical scrubber.

5.  To disconnect the blue medium pressure hose from the pressure reducer, you press circlip on the pressure reducer port in and pull connector out at the same time.

6.  All the tools for changing the mask lens are: 7mm end wrench, Screw driver, Flat tip/cross tip, Diaphragm Spanner (P/N R26817), End crimp pliers, Dow Corning 111.

7.  When performing Dosage Orifice Service use an 8mm (P/N 4053479) wrench and remove T connection output.

8.  Ultrasonic cleaning is the only acceptable method of orifice service.

9.  The maximum temperature for drying is 62° C.

10.  The cylinder must be filled for operational usage, 3000 psi (208 bar) is required.

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