Technician Team Test I
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  MSHA requires Periodic Maintenance should be performed at least __________ on Mine Rescue Breathing Apparatus.

2.  In a properly working positive pressure NIOSH/MSHA approved Closed Circuit breathing apparatus the pressure inside the breathing loop/circuit is:

3.  If a slight leak occurs in the breathing loop/circuit or facemask seal, the user generally will:

4.  Under extremely heavy work conditions, if the user inhales and collapses the diaphragm as far as it can travel, it activates the:

5.  What specifically controls the directional flow of the breathing gasses?

6.  The function of the regulator is to:

7.  If you hear the Demand every time you inhale, and you are not working hard, you should:

8.  The approved NIOSH/MSHA and manufacturer rated duration of my Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus is:

9.  Symptoms of breathing higher than normal levels of CO2 may be:

10.  If after removing my apparatus I leave the oxygen cylinder open, which valve will be wide open and deplete the left over oxygen supplies:

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