Mine Rescue Statements IV
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. Blackdamp is a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air and probably carbon monoxide and can cause suffocation.

2. During rescue and recovery operations, the main fan(s) should be monitored or guarded to insure that it operates continuously.

3. Map legends and symbols are uniform throughout the mining industry.

4. A properly installed regulator will not affect the quantity of airflow.

5. Mine rescue teams should close bulkhead man doors as soon as they are found open and then immediately notify the command center.

6. Being able to determine the direction and velocity of airflow enables the team to check whether the ventilation system is functioning as it should in a given area.

7. Bare-faced exploration may be conducted when:

8. Sometimes “runners” are stationed at the fresh air base to carry messages to the rescue team during exploration work.

9. The duties of the fresh air base coordinator are:

10. The first priority in exploration is to rescue survivors.

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