BioPak 240S Statements I
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. All O-Rings and sealing washer on the BioPak 240S must be lubricated with either Dow 111 or Cristo-lube.  No other lubricant has been approved for use on the BioPak 240S.

2. The following readings on the chest mounted pressure gauge indicate the approximate service times remaining.
3000psig - 4 hours1500psig - 2 hours
2250psig - 3 hours750psig - 1 hour

3. When the valve on the oxygen cylinder is opened, the oxygen pressure is feed directly from the cylinder though the flow restrictor and in turn filtered through the carbon dioxide scrubber, then cooled before being inhaled through the check valve on the right side of the mask.

4. Both the low pressure (regulated) and high pressure (non-regulated) plumbing feed the alarm whistle and the opposing pressures and alarm spring operate the alarm whistle at approximately 20 - 25% end of service life or 600 to 750 psi.

5. The directional flow of oxygen in the BioPak 240S is controlled by four check valves.

6. Filling the oxygen cylinder quickly results in oxygen that is at high temperatures and can result in final fill levels several hundred psig below the target pressure once the cylinder cools.

7. The diaphragm spring has three hold down clamps.

8. The vent valve assembly has two o-rings.

9. The pressure regulator feeds the pneumatics/plumbing with two outlet oxygen lines, one high pressure and the other regulated pressure.

10. The constant flow of oxygen at a rate of approximately 1.68 - 2.4 lpm, into the breathing circuit, is controlled by only the oxygen regulator.

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