Mine Rescue Statements VII
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. When finding a fallen check curtain while exploring a mine, the team should immediately hang it back up and just mark it on the map.

2. ___________________ is a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and air.

3. A check curtain is brattice cloth or plastic that is hung to channel intake air into a working area that otherwise wouldn't have adequate ventilation.

4. Rescue workers stationed outside the main exhaust following a fire or explosion should take proper precautions to prevent asphyxiation or an explosion.

5. Prior to rescue team exploration, the first step to take after a disaster is to:

6. ________________ is toxic when inhaled.

7. Copper tubes or pipes are inserted in temporary and permanent bulkheads for the purpose of:

8. Breathing air containing 15 percent oxygen is almost always fatal.

9. Because intake and exhaust air frequently cross paths at intersections within the mine, ________________ and _______________ are use to permit the two air currents to cross without the intake air short-circuiting into the exhaust.

10. Factors that influence body deterioration and changes that occur are:

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