Mine Rescue Statements VI
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. Mines are not required to have a Mine Rescue Notification Plan.

2. Each mine rescue station is required by law to have two gas detectors appropriate for detecting each type of gas that may be encountered in the mine, and either two oxygen indicators or two flame safety lamps.

3. On ventilation maps, - - - - - - - - is a symbol for _______________.

4. ________________ is a mixture of methane and air that will burn or explode when ignited.

5. The two methods of ventilating a mine are natural and mechanical.

6. The team captain might order the team to return to fresh air immediately because of:

7. When barometric pressure is high,

8. The rate of diffusion of gas is greatly increased by higher velocities of air currents or by turbulence in the air.

9. In sealing a mine it is recommended that:

10. Survivors can be categorized into three priority groups according to their condition or injuries.  An example of the third priority condition is:

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