First Aid Statements I
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. Unless otherwise stated, all references to body structures are made when the body is in the _________________ position.

2. The heart is located in the ______________ cavity.

3. The primary purposes of the initial assessment is to:

4. Respiration, circulation, and bleeding are first addressed during the:

5. The carotid pulse can be felt on the patient's:

6. In the "ABCs" of emergency care, the "C" stands for Compression.

7. A patient is short of breath and complains of pain in his left arm and jaw.  You must care for this patient as through he may be experiencing:

8. The primary responsibility of a First Responder providing care for a patient having a grand mal seizure is to place a bite stick in the patients mouth.

9. The typical adult has about 12 pints of blood.

10. Bright red blood spurting from a wound indicates ____________ bleeding.

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