Mine Rescue Statements II
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. There will probably be no decay odor for the first ____ hours following death.

2. There is a piece of equipment you need at the fresh air base.  The mine is “gassy” and requires “permissible” equipment.  This equipment must have an approval plate identified by:

3. The biggest danger of “rock gas” is an explosion.

4. The third priority as you explore a mine is the recovery of the mine.

5. What is the normal distance between airlocks?

6. The explosive range of CO is ______ percent.

7. The specific gravity of a gas is its weight in relation to a equal amount of oxygen under the same temperature and pressure.

8. Your team is about to enter a mine containing “iron pyrite”, you know a fire is burning, you should check for:

9. Class “C” fires are best extinguished by:

10. An example of first priority in triage is:

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