Coal Mine Rescue Test VIII
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  During _________, teams will work according to a rotation schedule.

2.  Team members may explore in pairs (two members) providing the members of each pair shall not be more than 25 feet apart and shall be in _________ of each other.

3.  The members of each mine rescue team pair shall be in constant communication with the tail captain who _________ constant communication with the Fresh Air Base.

4.  Prior to _________, the members of each mine rescue team pair will stop at each connecting crosscut and communication will be established with all team members and the fresh air base.

5.  Smoke consists of tiny particles of solid and liquid matter _________ in the air.

6.  Hydrogen is produced by the _________ combustion of carbon materials during fires and explosions.

7.  The fresh air base should be _________ where it can be linked to the command center by means of a communication system.

8.  Communications must be _________ between the fresh air base and command center at all times.

9.  The first _________ of an explosion may be reports from miners who felt a sudden movement of air, notice smoke or dust or heard the sound of the explosion.

10.  Sometimes what seems like an explosion is actually a _________ roof fall, or a rock bump or rock burst.

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