Coal Mine Rescue Test VI
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1.  Explosions, fires, and other __________ frequently result in weakened roof and rib conditions.

2.  __________ a rescue team goes underground, it will attend a briefing session.

3.  The __________ of each gas sensor should be determined prior to taking a gas detector underground for mine rescue use.

4.  Regulators are used in mine ventilation to regulate __________ to meet the individual needs of each air split.

5.  Overcasts are used to permit two air currents to __________ without the intake air short circuiting to the return.

6.  When reporting anything to the fresh-air base, be sure you are clearly and correctly identifying __________.

7.  The lower explosive limit of carbon monoxide is __________.

8.  The basic principle of mine ventilation is that air always moves from high to low pressure __________.

9.  The most positive indicator of the __________ of an explosion is the direction in which blocks have moved in or from stoppings across entries near intersections.

10.  Coking or coke streamers, if encountered, should be reported in __________ and size.

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