Mine Rescue Challenge Test No. 6
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
51. Mine rescue SCBAs will be inspected and tested at intervals not exceeding 30 days.

52. Atmospheric pressure and temperature are important factors because they:

53. The traverse method is used when:

54. The preferred type of extinguisher for teams is a dry chemical type that contains:

55. Burning materials that give off extremely toxic gases in addition to carbon monoxide are:

56. The three preconditions for opening a sealed fire area are; low oxygen, no carbon monoxide, sufficiently cooled conditions.

57. An elevated concentration of carbon dioxide in mine air can be harmful because:

58. Oxides of nitrogen can occur in a mine atmosphere:

59. Carbon Dioxide is a heavier gas and will diffuse rapidly.

60. After Damp is:

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