Mine Rescue Challenge Test No. 4
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
31. Any combustible gases in the main exhaust should, if feasible, be kept below the LEL.  LEL means:

32. High expansion foam is used mainly to contain and control fire by removing two legs of the fire triangle oxygen and fuel.

33. Urethane foam is an effective sealant when used around the perimeter of a seal.  Urethane foam should never be applied more than ______ thick because of the potential for spontaneous combustion with greater thicknesses.

34. Please choose the class for an electrical fire from the choices below:

35. Carbon monoxide gas will not explode.

36. The first symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning is:

37. Air locks are not required prior to opening a refuge chamber, barricade, or door in irrespirable atmospheres behind which survivors may be located.

38. Before going underground, the team should make sure that the main fan is running, that a guard is monitoring the operation of the fan, and ___________.

39. Elevated readings of ___________ could indicate that there is inadequate ventilation around battery charging stations.

40. You may recognize ___________ by its distinctive "rotten egg" odor.

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