Mine Rescue Challenge Test No. 2
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
11. Hypoxia is a general term referring to the inability of a person to breathe adequately.

12. Wounds such as skinned elbows and knees are miner open wounds known as:

13. Reestablishing ventilation and bringing fresh air to an area damaged by fire or explosion is the main task of mine rescue teams in a rescue operation.

14. Air locking operations should never be undertaken until the oxygen content of the air behind the seals has been reduced to at least _________%.

15. You can allow a rescued miner to walk out of the mine alone if the miner appears to be in good shape?

16. Putrefaction is the decomposition of organic matter by bacteria, fungi, and oxidation, resulting in the formation of foul-smelling products.

17. _________ are spring-loaded expandable metal rods that can be used to erect a temporary stopping.

18. Rock Strata gases commonly called "rock gas" are assumed to contain what two types of gasses?

19. Oxygen content at _____ will cause dizziness and headaches.

20. In a multi-level mine, a tunnel driven perpendicular to the main vein system of the mine is considered a _________.

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