Mine Rescue Challenge Test No. 1
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
1. When advancing into an area that has been inundated with water, teams should pay special attention to _______.

2. Normal air is composed of 66% Nitrogen, 24% Oxygen, 8% Carbon Dioxide and 2% other gasses.

3. If you wear your SCBA in petroleum-based fumes for prolonged or successive periods, the fumes can eventually permeate its rubber parts so that the apparatus no longer provides you with adequate protection.

4. If the oxygen content of the air you're breathing drops as low as _______ percent, you may lose consciousness.

5. Bulkhead and stopping are two different terms for two different ventilation controls.

6. _______ are usually built at shaft stations and other strategic locations so that if there is a fire they can be closed to serve as a barrier to the fire and contaminated air.

7. The _______ cavity houses the brain and its specialized membranes.

8. The following gases, oxygen, butane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are all found:

9. What conditions would indicate the presence of oxides of nitrogen?

10. The first set of vital signs obtained on any patient is referred to as the _______ set.

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