Mine Rescue Challenge Test No. 5
In order to get 100%, you must answer all of the following correctly.
41. The extremely toxic gas, Nitrogen Dioxide, is produced by all fires because of the incomplete combustion of carbon materials during the burning process.

42. __________ is a toxic gas and exposure to .01 to .015 percent (100 to 150 ppm) can be dangerous for even short exposures.

43. The explosive range for __________ is 4.0 to 74.2 percent when there is at least 5 percent oxygen present.

44. When the barometer falls, this means:

45. Methane is most explosive at what range?

46. Electrical malfunctions can produce oxides of nitrogen.

47. Any location on the body that is closer to the midline is referred to as:

48. A bruise that is on then anterior thigh just above the knee could be described as _________ to the knee.

49. The first of the annual physical examinations for mine rescue team members shall be completed within 90 days.

50. Each mine rescue station shall be provided with a portable supply of liquid air, liquid oxygen, pressurized oxygen, or oxygen generating chemicals, and carbon dioxide absorbent chemicals, as applicable to the supplied breathing apparatus and sufficient to sustain each team for 8 hours while using the breathing apparatus during rescue operations.

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