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For more on mine disasters in the United States since 1839, visit here,
and visit here for vintage news on the evolution of mine safety in the US.

67 slides
2018 Coal Fatalities
Graphs, photos, and descriptions abound in this very well done presentation on the 12 coal fatalities that occurred in 2018.

82 slides
2018 M/NM Fatalities
Graphs, photos, and descriptions abound in this very well done presentation on the 16 metal and nonmetal fatalities that occurred in 2018.

2006 Drill Rig Accident
Photos from a drill rig accident that occurred in 2006.

24 slides
Contractors Responsibility of CFR 30 PART 45
Covers the legal requirements of contractors working at mine sites, including accident reporting.

6 slides
Some Days Thing Just Don't
A few photos of folks just having a bad day.

25 slides
Crawfordsville Truck Accident
Photos of the Crawfordsville Truck Accident which occurred August 25, 2008.

12 slides
Haul Truck vs. Grader
A Komatsu 930 coming off the dump heading back to the shovel pit.  A 16H grader was working the dump road.  The haul truck driver fell asleep.

24 slides
Hidden Cost of Accidents
Discusses a great deal of other factors that affect the cost of accidents.

14 slides
Houston Crane Collapse
One of the world’s largest mobile cranes collapsed killing 4 workers & injuring 7 others.

6 slides
How to Calculate OSHA Frequency & Severity Rates
Describes how to calsulate OSHA frequency and severity rates.

5 slides
Hydraulic Injection Incident
Hydraulic Injection caused a pinprick intrusion to the IPs hand.

9 slides
Immediately Reportable Accidents
Details information concerning immediately reportable accidents as set forth in the MINER Act of 2006.

Iranshahr Thermal Power Plant Coupling Fatigue
Photos of the aftermath of a 2009 accident at a thermal power plant.

7 slides
Light Vehicle vs. Haul Truck Accident
Another gruesome accident where a pickup truck gets smashed by a giant haul truck.

8 slides
Near Miss - Haul Truck vs Pickup
Indonesian mining contractor accident of a haul truck and pickup.  Must see photos.

62 slides
New York Crane Collapse
This PowerPoint Presentation consists of photos and text mined from the web pertaining to the fatal New York crane collapse which occurred in May 2008.

17 slides
Mine Fatalities Involving Conveyors
  • Moving machine parts should be guarded to protect persons from contact that could cause injury.
  • Conveyors should be provided with emergency stop cords along their entire length.  Moving machine parts should be guarded to protect persons.
  • Clean up in and around moving machinery should not be conducted while the equipment is in operation.
  • Safe access should be provided to all working areas.

23 slides
Non-Fatal Overturned Dump Truck Accident
Dump truck (No.1222) was overturned at the limestone stock pile because the crest of stock pile was collapsed.  Non-fatal injuries resulted.
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Fatalities PDF Files
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Fatal West Virginia Mining Accidents and Investigative Reports  External Link
Provides abstracts of mine accidents in West Virginia since 1997.  Investigation reports are available for later years.

24 slides
2007 Tri-Star Double Fatal Accident
Between 9:25 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on April 17, 2007, a highwall failed resulting in the entrapment of an excavator operator and a bull dozer operator.  The estimated size of the highwall that collapsed was 150 to 170 feet high by 100 to 150 feet long and approximately 50 feet thick.  The highwall had been examined just prior to the collapse.  MORE

12 slides
2013 Ravensworth Mine Fatality
On November 30, 2013, a trainee plant operator employed by TESA Mining (NSW) Pty Ltd, was fatally injured while working at the Ravensworth open cut mine, near Singleton, New South Wales, Australia.  The victim suffered fatal injuries when the Toyota Landcruiser she was driving collided with and was run over by the front right-hand side wheel of a Caterpillar 793D, weighing approximately 351 tons.

19 slides
Overexertion Injuries
Overexertion occurs when the load, whether lifted, carried, pushed, pulled or otherwise handled, exceeds the limits of the human joint system doing the work.

Peru Pipeline Accident
PowePoint Show of a horrible accident at a Peru pipeline construction job.

27 slides
Quecreek Mine Rescue
Critical decisions of the Quecreek Mine Rescue.

13 slides
Securing the Load
Aftermath photos of a fatal truck accident which occurred near Denver.  Portions of the load, steel pipe, was sent thrusting through the cab, fatally injuring the driver.

Train Fire Burns Trestle
Amazing photos of a wooden railroad trestle caught on fire by a trains overheated brakes.

4 slides
Truck Train Accident
Hirail truck 17561 was struck by Westbound QCHCPTL3 13A at MP 1042.3 at 1030 hours on Hiline sub between Devon and Lothair.  No injuries occurred — the track inspector exited truck prior to impact.

10 slides
Williams Pipeline Explosion
Five people were injured, and two homes were destroyed when a pipe near Route 26 failed on Sept. 14, 2008.  The ruptured pipe is one of three natural gas lines that run through Appomattox, VA.

9 slides
Wrecked Government Vehicle
The right rear tire had picked up a 2˝ inch bolt causing the steering wheel to start vibrating.  The tire blew shooting the operator across the passing lane and into the median.  In panic, the operator steered the wheel in hopes to keep it on the road long enough to slow down to a stop, but instead, it flipped 2˝ times into the median.  The injuries sustained were minor; broken thumb, a black eye, a small burn (like a carpet burn) to the face, along with back and neck issues.

129 slides
Filled with photos illustrating the various and unique ways we manage to wreck vehicles.

20 slides
Using Modified and Transitional Duties to Bolster Your Return-to-Work Program
Light, modified and transitional duty (TD) positions can save money in management of worker’s comp claims … when properly structured.  Improperly designed TD positions can expose claimants to additional hazards and increase claims and litigation.

15 slides
Memorable Moments
Heavy equipment accident photos.

17 slides
Tank farm fire in Kuwait
Photos of a tank farm fire in Kuwait.
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