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Accident Trilogy
This video contains three attention grabbing scenes of accidents and accident victims.  Great for a training class lid-lifter.

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The Front Fell Off
This is a humorous video where an interview takes place with one guy describing a shipping accident where the ship's front fell off.

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Railroad Accident
Video of two trains cutting it a little too close.  Watch for the engineer to leap (hopefully safely) from his cab right before impact.

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Donner Pass Truck Accident
Fatal truck accident which occurred on Donner Pass on September 8, 2008.

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Railroad Crossing Clothesline
This unaware cyclist gets clotheslined by a railroad crossing guard.

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Near Miss Train/Pedestrian Accident
Impatient pedestrian is nearly flattened by a speeding train.

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Train Wreck - Semi Goes Bye Bye
Heavy traffic leaves this truck and trailer woefully straddling the train tracks.  And the 5:10 is right on time.

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Near Miss Pedestrian
Short clip observing a pedestrian nearly creamed by a bus and a car.

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Frighteningly Close Call Accident I
This pedstrian is almost taken out when a speeding car occupies the sidewalk he's on.

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Frighteningly Close Call Accident II
Another pedestrian almost gets smashed following a 2-vehicle crash.

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Frighteningly Close Call Accident III
Pedestrian narrowly escapes with his life after a bus rearends a car he's walking in front of.
Woman Killed in North Kentucky Mine Accident
Angela W. Common, 37, died while operating a new piece of equipment in an underground quarry at Sterling Materials.  Common was driving a large dump truck when she hit a rock wall and was ejected, the truck then rolled over her.  Common had recently returned back to work at Sterling Materials after taking a year off for medical reasons and was taking a refresher course at the time of the accident.
People Vs. Winter
Ice-induced pavement pile-up's, out of control vehicles, winter fail wipeouts and the usual death defiers.  Nobody was hurt in the making of this video apart from the people who were hurt.
Safety is Personal: An Employer's Story
Mike Honeyman has a message for employers: Safety is personal. In this video, he shares the hard lessons he learned as a business owner after one of his workers was seriously injured on the job.
First Day on the Job Was His Last
Ninety minutes into his first day on the first job of his life, Day Davis was called over to help at Palletizer No. 4 at the Bacardi bottling plant in Jacksonville, Florida.  What happened next is an all-too-common story for temp workers working in blue-collar industries.
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Acrobatic Motorcyclist
This is wild.  Someone's dash-cam observes a motorcyclist, traveling at a high rate of speed, read-end a car and then amazingly does a front flip, landing on the car's roof.

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Failed Airplane Takeoff
Something goes terribly wrong immediately after takeoff bring this airplane crashing into the ground.

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Where Did My Machine Go?
A sink hole opens up swallowing a storage shed and drilling machine.

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Failed Helicopter Takeoff
After failing to lift off from the water, this military helicopter gets demolished when the pilot attempts a second liftoff.

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Fatal Helicopter Takeoff
Nothing going right for the pilot as his chopper slams into the water and continues rotating sinking the aircraft and its occupants.

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Too Close for Comfort
After setting his load atop a bridge, this chopper pilot comes fatally close to the structure resulting in a devastating crash.

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Wouldn't Want to Be a Passenger on This One
It's a successful but probably the wierdest landing of a plane.  Would hate to be flying with this guy.

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It Happens Quick!
Dash cam catches this crash caused by a vehicle ahead abruptly changing lanes.  Be prepared to be startled because it does happen quick.

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Aborted Landing
Crosswinds wreak havoc during an attempted landing of a Lufthansa airliner.  The pilot smartly decides against the attempt.

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Seven: An Inundation Experience
Firsthand accounts of 7 West Virginia miners, employed by Cobra Natural Resources, trapped in the mine for 32 hours following heavy rains in the area.

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Winter Car Slides
A medley a winter scenes where we see cars sliding and crashing and nearly injuring the vehicle's occupants.  Safety Tip: Stay in your car.

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How Powerful is That Jet Engine?
A staged demonstration where a jumbo jet's engine blows a passing truck off the runway and sends it flying into the bay.
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