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Machinery Safety
There is a lack of common understanding in the industries of applying proper Safety technologies for machines dangerous to hands.

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Chop Saw Safety
Safety Dos and DON'Ts for the safe operation of chop saws.

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Pre-Operation Checklist for Drill
Equipment checklist for drills.

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Drill Press Safety
Given a diagram of a drill press, students will be able to identify parts of the machine with complete accuracy.

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Pre-Operation Checklist for Drill
Equipment checklist for drills.

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Fatal Grinder Accident at Quarry
A welder was carrying out maintenance on a quarry excavator bucket.  He was using an angle grinder to prepare surfaces for welding when the disk disintegrated.

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Grinder Safety
List basic safety features all should be familiar with that use bench grinders.

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Job Hazard Analysis Manual
Provides hazard analysis sheets on more than 80 commonly used tools.

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Hand Protection Policy
The guidelines of this policy are meant to be a minimum standard for all XXXXX locations.

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Sample Glove Policy
The purpose of glove use is to shield or isolate individuals from chemical, mechanical, environmental, physical, biological, or other hazards that may be present in the workplace.

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Cutting Tool Standard
This standard outlines the precautions, which shall be considered whenever these hand held cutting tools are used.

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Torque Multiplier Fatality
A 4th year apprentice fitter, employed by the agent of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplying mobile mining equipment, suffered a serious head injury that subsequently resulted in his death after he was struck by a torque wrench.

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Grinder Fatality
Disintegrated disc kills a welder while performing maintenance.

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Drill Jack Near Miss
While Mine Maintenance was performing repairs on the 116 Ingersoll Rand DML Drill, the rear (non cab end) jack housing failed.

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Grinders Poster
Self explanatory.

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The True Definition of Tools
This is a humorous list of tools and their definitions.

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Tools Hand and Power Subpart I
From the OSHA 30 Hour Course: Training & Development for Construction Industry.

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Humorous Tool Definitions
Funny definitions for tools we frequently use.

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.50 cal. ammo doesn't make a good hammer
While mounting a M2 machine gun onto the turret system of his MATV during pre-combat checks, a soldier experienced difficulty inserting the locking pin onto the model 93 machine gun mount.  The soldier then attempted to force the locking pin into place with a rock.  After this failed, he then secured a loose .50 cal round, using it as a hammer at the locking pin, attempting to force the locking pin into place.
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