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Nail Gun Goes Berserk
This video is actually a commericial for Major League Baseball cautioning against making tool purchases in October.

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Leaf Blower Video
A Stihl commercial demonstrating the power of their leaf blower.

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Fathers Day Must Have Power Tool
Humorous commercial video for a hand drill.

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Nailgun Injury
Video of the removal of a nail driven into a persons hand.
Ductile Iron Safety Blade Cuts Manhole Cover
Can your blade cut a solid cast iron manhole cover in half?  Can it ALSO cut ductile iron, tempered steel, reinforced concrete, granite, asphalt, brick and wood, along with almost anything else?  The Ductile Iron Safety Blade can.  The Ductile Iron Safety Blade is faster than abrasive blades and more versatile than welded blades, and it's safer than either abrasive or welded blades.
Ductile Iron Safety Blades - Segment Breaking Test
Ductile Iron Safety Blades WILL NOT lose segments!  They're made of solid steel and without welds, and they can cut anything with their vacuum-brazed diamond coats.  Ductile Iron Safety Blades bend, but won't break!
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Power Drill Video
Be aware of your surroundings as we see demonstrated in this DeWalt power drill commercial.

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Trimmer Ad
Humorous ad demonstrating the power of this company's trimmer.

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Chainsaw Bottle Opener
Novel yet unsafe way to open bottle.  Don't try this at home.
Portable Abrasive Wheel Grinders
This free tutorial explains the most common OSHA regulations cited by compliance officers related to portable abrasive wheel grinders, and also addresses the importance of following manufacturer's recommendations.
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