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14 slides
Arc Flash Presentation
Arc flash is a short circuit through air that flashes over from one exposed live conductor to another conductor or to ground.  Arc flash incidents are common and costly, and the frequency of reported accidents is increasing.  This is why arc flash has become a very hot topic within MSHA & OSHA.

40 slides
NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace
This presentation covers changes to the 2015 edition.

52 slides
Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution and Electrical Protective Equipment – Final Rule
Covers effective dates and best practice revisions based on the final Rule.

47 slides
DC Systems, Hazards, and Standards
Objectives: (1)To recognize and classify DC and Pulsed electrical hazards in R&D systems; (2) To present current and evolving standards for DC electrical safety; and (3) To PROPOSE a hazard classification approach for all arc flash hazards.

120 slides
Significant Changes to NFPA 70E
These changes are recommendations from the Risk and Assessment Working Group.  The changes reflect the concept that injury due to electrical hazards is a product of the likelihood that a hazard will be present and the consequences of the hazard should an exposure occur.

8 slides
7200 vs. Log Truck - Who Wins?
What happens when a log truck goes head to head with 7200 volts?  Pity the fool.

11 slides
Arc Flash Incident
Description and photos of an arc flash incident at a Duke Energy facility.

27 slides
Basic Electrical Presentation
Overhead power lines must be deenergized and grounded by the owner or operator of the lines, or other protective measures must be provided before work is started.

27 slides
Control of Hazardous Energy
Lockout and tagout procedures are designed and implemented to protect you from an accidental release of energy.

31 slides
Basic Electrical Safety
As the name implies, this is basic information about electrical hazards.  This course is not designed to teach you to work on electrical equipment.

7 slides
Basic Electrical Safety Awareness
Electrocution is a major cause of injury and death in both the industrial and home environment.

4 slides
Disconnect for Electrical-Discharge Lighting Existing Fluorescent Luminaire
Ballast disconnects, now mandated by the NEC, easily justify their cost.  The first and foremost consideration is, of course, increased safety. However, another benefit is that the use of ballast disconnects can shorten the downtime required to properly change a ballast.

38 slides
Electric Circuit - Visual Inspections
Discusses those things to look for when conducting a visual inspection of an electrical circuit.

27 slides
Provides basic information about electrical hazards and what to look for.

78 slides
Electrical Hazards
Electrical hazards, primarily shock are examined.  Electric shock occurs when the human body becomes part of the path through which current flows.

74 slides
Electrical Hazards
Discussion of electrical safety hazards in the construction workplace and ways to avoid these hazards.

59 slides
Electrical Safety
Photos highlight this presentation on electrical hazards.

20 slides
Electrical Hazard Recognition
Photos are used which ask trainees to identify electrical safety hazards.

68 slides
Electrical Safety
This presentation will Introduce electrical safety and establish its role in today’s industry.

32 slides
Electrical Safety
From NIOSH, this presentation explores electrical safety hazards and regulatory requirements.

28 slides
Electrical Safety
From the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, this presentation covers the requirements of OSHA 29 CFR 1910 SUBPART S.

30 slides
Electrical Safety
This program details the requirements of 29 CFR 1910.332 for electrical safety.

57 slides
Electrical Safety
Electrocutions rank fourth in work related fatalities with about half of these at 600 volts or less.

69 slides
Testing Grounding Systems
The intent of 56/57.12028 is to ensure that continuity and resistance tests of grounding systems are conducted on a specific schedule.
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100 slides
Electrical Risk Management in Hazardous Industries
Lengthy technical presentation covering electrical hazards.

54 slides
Electrical Safety
Special training is required for work on electrical equipment.

12 slides
Electrical Safety
Presentation includes responsibilities, hazard control, electrical equipment, and personal protective equipment.

19 slides
Electrical Safety
General discussion about electricity and the hazards it poses are included.

5 slides
High Voltage Gopher Home
These pictures are from Mt. Pleasant, TX (just west of Texarkana).  The first two pictures are the secondary side on the right of the electrical switch box, the dirt on the ground is what fell out when they opened the door.  They had to wait for a line crew to open the dip pole (from overhead to underground service) to kill the primary electrical power side on the left before the primary cabinet could be opened.

48 slides
Electrical Safety
To increase employee awareness of electrical hazards on the jobsite.

45 slides
Electrical Safety - Construction
Covers electrical safety for the construction industry.

46 slides
Electrical Safety - Qualified Person
The role of the qualified person is examined in this presentation covering electrical safety.

60 slides
Electrical Safety / Lock-out Tag-out
All parts of the electrical puzzle must fit together and work in order to help ensure the safety of students and all staff.

60 slides
Electrical Safety / Lock-out Tag-out
Examines the subject of electricity and the hazards it creates.  Discussion includes the lock out/tag out program.

38 slides
Electrical Safety for Construction
Covers electrical safety for the construction industry.

9 slides
Electrical Safety in the Lab
Basic information about electricity and electrical hazards are provided.

Extension Cord Safety
Safety tips to apply when using extension cords.

70 slides
Ground Field Resistance Testing
Continuity and resistance of grounding systems shall be tested immediately after installation, repair, and modification; and annually thereafter.

69 slides
Ground Field Resistance Testing
This presentation targets compliance with Metal and Nonmetal grounding requirements.

High Voltage Electrical Shock
Fatal photos of an accident involving a copper wire theft attempt.

17 slides
Preventing Electrical Hazards
Discussion includes things you can do to avoid and prevent electrical shock accidents.

1 slide
Safe Practices - Conductive Apparel
Describes an electrical burn accident caused by jewelry.

13 slides
Subpart K: Electrical
This presentation provides some basic information about electricity and an overview of Subpart K.

69 slides
Testing Grounding Systems
This presentation targets compliance with Metal and Nonmetal grounding requirements.

25 slides
Underground Electrical Safety
When performing electrical work, always use the proper protective equipment.

1 slide
NFPA Arc Flash warning label
Provides an explanation of the elements of an NFPA Arc Flash warning label.

38 slides
Electrical Safety
General discussion about electricity and the hazards it poses are included.

19 slides
Electrical Safety
Contains photo examples of unsafe equipment and conditions.

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