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Accident Investigation Bundle
Loaded with 2 PowerPoint Presentations and 5 PDF files on the subject that you may find helpful.
Final Reports of Investigation
Found at our companion web site, usminedisasters.com, we've gathered hundreds of final accident investigation reports too numerous to list here.  Visit this page for a complete list of final accident reports located here or linked to from this site.

33 slides
Accident & Incident Prevention & Investigation
What is an Accident?  Any undesired, unplanned event arising out of employment which results in physical injury or damage to property, or the possibility of such injury or damage.

63 slides
Accident Investigation: Corporate Safety Training
This course is designed to introduce basic skills in accident investigation.  Root cause analysis and statistical evaluation of accidents can be very complex.  This course is designed for the majority of cases that can be diagnosed rapidly and where outside assistance is not normally required.

22 slides
Case Study: Worker Nearly Killed in Welding Accident
You are a member of the safety committee and have been notified to report to the maintenance department to conduct an investigation of an accident.  1 worker has been taken to the hospital with severe burns and heart arythmia from contact with an electrical source.

64 slides
Investigating Accidents
How to find out what really happened.  Course objectives include: Recognize the need for an investigation; Investigate the scene of the accident; Interview victims & witnesses; Distinguish fact from fiction; Determine root causes; Compile data and prepare reports; and Make recommendations.

27 slides
Why Investigate Accidents?
Answers the question of "Why We Investigate Accidents."  Prevent a recurrence with corrective action; Determine the cause; Document your company’s version of the inciden; Completion of OSHA-required reporting.

81 slides
Accident Investigation
A near miss is an unplanned event that interrupts the completion of an activity which directly involves the workers and does not result in personal injury, illness or in property damage.

23 slides
Accident Investigation I
Probes answers to the question "Why Investigate Accidents?"  Includes discussion on: Find the cause; Prevent similar accidents; and Protect company interests.

48 slides
Risk Assessment and Accident Investigation
Risk Management class presented during the Construction Advancement Foundation Site Safety Supervisor Course.

25 slides
Accident Investigation V
Includes the 3 basic causes of accidents: poor management safety policy and decisions; personal factors; and environmental factors.

17 slides
Accident Investigation VI
Includes the 3 basic causes of accidents: poor management safety policy and decisions; personal factors; and environmental factors.

9 slides
Case Study: 5 Workers Die in Yeast Brew Vat
You are a member of the safety committee and have been notified to report to work 3 hours early to assist in an investigation of an accident.  2 maintenance workers and 3 bakers were found huddled together at the base of an “Evenrise” yeast vat.

38 slides
Incident Investigation
The aim of the investigation: The key result should be to prevent a reoccurrence of the same accident.

15 slides
Near Misses
About the subject of near miss accidents including why there's a reluctance to report them.

33 slides
Why Similar Accidents Keep Duplicating Themselves
To strengthen and refine accident investigation skills and capabilities and establish a basic standard accident investigation procedure.
Accident PDF Files
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