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Da Finkers
Humorous tale for use in PPE or hand safety presentations.

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Occupational and Safety Cartoons
Illustrations to make you grin about safety rules and hazardous work environments.

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Universal Laws
Humorous universal laws - some old, some new.

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Work Site Fatality (humorous)
Although experienced and skilled in the particular task, the individual suffered fatal head and spine injuries when LOTO procedures were ignored.

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Bricklayer's Accident Report
Here's the original hilarious letter penned by that hapless bricklayer.  Plus we also have Ray Steven's MP3 and lyrics about this same incident.

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Herculean Effort
Funny story about a fire response in Minnesota by a Norwegian rural township volunteer fire company composed mainly of Norwegians over the age of 65.

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Health Humor
Humorous take on diet and physical fitness.

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Poster: What's a hazardous chemical?
Laurel and Hardy are pictured in this humorous poster.

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What to do in a Terrorist Attack
A humorous look at the public service symbols for terrorism readiness.

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Safety First
Stupidity would be a better category, but we don't have one.  Contains photos revealing the risks some people are willing to take unneccessarily.
Funny Videos
Browse our collection of Funny videos.
Funny PowerPoint Presentations
Browse our collection of Funny PowerPoint Presentations.

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Medical Humor
Memo to medical peronnel from the Human Resources department about sensitivity.

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Looks Like
If we could take a picture to describe what bad things look like, it would look a lot like this.

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Uncle Paul
Telephone conversation between a little girl and her dad about Mommy and Uncle Paul.

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Tools Explained
Funny and mostly true definitions of the tools we use everyday.

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The True Definition of Tools
This is a humorous list of tools and their definitions.

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Alcohol Troubleshooting Humor
Even a subject as serious as substance abuse can use a little humor.

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Building Code Violations
Contains lots of photos of Darwin Award-type construction efforts appended with humorous notes about each.
Mining Poetry by Joel Tankersley External Link Icon
Poems from our favorite poet, Joel Tankersley.  Most of these are very funny.
The Life and Times of Resusci-Annie
Going through my archives, I came across some pages created in 2001.  Visitors might enjoy these pages, especially the interview done with Annie at the Carmi, Illinois Holiday Inn.  Funny then and now.

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