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Uro Club
Here's a novel approach to a common problem for golfers.

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Alarm Clock Problem
Mistaking a backup alarm for his alarm clock, this hapless character is in for a big surprise.

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Fake Steering Wheel
This older woman gets a big laugh with her fake steering wheel - much to the fright of the other driver.

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How to not get your ass kicked
Chris Rock's funny routine on the subject.

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Bastards I
Youngsters getting over on adults.

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Bastards II
Youngsters getting over on adults.

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Bastards III
Youngsters getting over on adults.

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Beer Wave
Beer wave commercial from Budweiser.

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Problem Solver for Engineer Types
Funny clip that looks good, but you know just can be so.

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Bill Dance Show
Bill Dance is having trouble taping his fishing show.

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Blaupunkt Pimp My Ride
Stuffed animals get the rhythym from the speakers of this Blaupunkt stereo.

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Why Men and Women are Like the Way They Are
This clip suggests we're like the way we are because we're born this way.

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Animated Breakfast
Now here's something you don't often see - dancing ham and eggs.

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Coffee Cup Holder
This video is for those that have been tempted to use their computer's CD tray as a cup holder.

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He is no Tom Cruise
Product commercial - very funny.

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Crack Spackle
Sick video of how to remedy unsightly butt crack.

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Effective Communications - Asking for Directions
Sometimes we're misunderstood, like this guy.

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Don't Scare Me I
This includes a series of scenes where people pop out of nowhere to frighten their friends.

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Don't Scare Me II
This includes a series of scenes where people pop out of nowhere to frighten their friends.

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Elastic Band Dilema
Hilarious video demonstrating a cause and effect scenario in an office setting.

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Farting Preacher
Hilarious video of a TV evangelist with a flatulence problem.

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Ask The Fruitcake Lady
Hilarious Q & A with the fruitcake lady.

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Full Metal Classroom
Foul language abounds in this school video of old, over-dubbed with lines from the movie, Full Metal Jacket.

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Midget Steals Gas
Fighting high gas prices?  Hide a midget in your truck the next time you fill up.

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Go White Boy
Funny dance act on the Steve Harvey Show.

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Funny Budweiser commercial about dealing with household chores.

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Hollywood Zoom
Seamlessly zooming in on the Hollywood sign in California from space.

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Border Security
German prison camp guards give an exiting wagon the once over looking for escaping prisoners.

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Homemade Water Slide
The kids will play when the parents go away.

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Weightlifter Incontinence
This lady weightlifter has an embarrassing moment during her lift.

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Job Market 2009
Here's a humorous video about the serious subject of the economy and job markets.

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Karma, it all comes back to you
Every action has an equal and . . ., etc. etc.

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Late Lunch
Imagine this happening the next time you return to work late from lunch.

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Jay Walking
Comments from people on the street from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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Macho Skeet
Now here's something you don't see everyday.

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The Manager
This might explain why the boss is the boss and you're the worker.

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Newfoundland Police Chase
This is just plain silly.  Attempting the beginning of a high-speed chase, the passengers get out and attempt to push the cars spinning on the ice.

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Mexican SWAT Video No. 1
Disappointingly humorous ad about the capabilities of law enforcement south of the border.

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How Aliens Fish
It's all about the lure.  Bud Light commercial with aliens as the fishermen.
Wrong Way - Right Way Safety
Guided by this principle, our "Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases" training program helps inject fun into safety training.  It uses funny snippets to show employees the "wrong way" to handle 10 common safety issues.  Once the wrong way has been established, the clips then take on a more serious tone to demonstrate important safety principles and the "right way" to approach these issues.
Abbott and Costello in Who's on First
This may be the funniest skit ever performed by any comic duo, past or present.
Abbott and Costello Explain Unionism
Here's Bud explaining his new job to Lou, with hilarious results.
Abbott and Costello at Their Best
One of the best sequences Abbott and Costello ever in the rarely seen film, "The Noose Hangs High", from 1948.
Senior Moments - Brain Farts
Funny song performed by Golf Brooks about some of those forgetful memory moments suffered by folks as they grow older.
Funny PowerPoint Presentations
Browse our collection of Funny PowerPoint Presentations.

Gen Y vs. Boomer
Great clip on generational differences and what we all have to deal with.
10 Funniest Pictures
You'll be the judge but these are all pretty funny.
Bad Lip Reading Hilarity
While most of the videos from these people are "pee you pants funny", the ones selected below will make you nearly fall out of your chair.  See everything they have here.
Thank God You're Here Guys Meet Safety Inspectors
Hilarious clip from an Australian TV comedy.  In this one, the job foreman meets with the safety inspectors.
Interview with MSHA Head
Even if you're an MSHA employee, you'll find this cartoon funny - or you're just too damn serious.
MSHA Inspection Cartoon
Even if you're an MSHA employee, you'll find this cartoon funny - or you're just too damn serious.
Mr. Tudball needs a secretary
Mr. Tudball (Tim Conway) is looking for a secretary, but his wife (Vicki Lawrence) doesn't like any candidates until Wanda Wiggins (Carol Burnett) shows up.  This is the raw recording of the sketch, filled with bloopers and wild lines from the cast.
Trunk Monkey - The Entire Collection
We've got 15 Trunk Monkey videos and another 9 from Career Builder to keep you laughing for a long time.

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Give Me My Change
Here's a funny exchange between an asian store owner and a young black kid.

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Beware of Things Made in October
Baseball season is closing and the playoffs are on us, but other interests take our attention away from our jobs as well, hunting, football, holidays coming up.  It is good humor to stay focused on our tasks and safety.

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Ned Calls the Cable Company
Hilarous audio.

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New Car Feature
Must have car accessory to handle those times after washing your ride.

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One Man Saw
A very inventive approach for one man using a two-man saw.

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Police Pursuit
Hilarious clip of a driver fleeing from a bunch of cop cars.

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Redneck Power Windows
Here's a novel way of applying power windows to your jalopy.

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Redneck Day at the Driving Range
Out for a little target practice among the golfers at the range.

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News Reporter Gets High
This reporter get a little too close to his subject - burning cocoa leaves and marijuana.

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Sanitation Distraction
These two sanitation workers grab the attention of this attractive woman and get unusual yet desired results.

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The Sleigh Ride
Funny beer ad about a romantic sleigh ride and a flatulent horse.

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Salesman of the Year
Video of an energetic salesman's ad that has a surprise ending.  Surely done with special effects.

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Robert DiNiro on Saturday Night Live
Robert DiNiro holds a Saturday Night Live press conference about terrorists.

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Snow Car
Bad things happen when these rocket scientists attempt to free a snow bound auto.

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Stuff Happens
This video amusingly demonstrates how little things can turn into major problems.

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Surprise Visitor
A surprise visitor shows up at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

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Mexican SWAT Video No. 2
Disappointingly humorous ad about the capabilities of law enforcement south of the border.

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Telemarketer Revenge
Here's what we'd all like to do with the next telemarketer's call.  Very funny.

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Thank God I'm A Country Boy
Funny clips about even funnier situations.

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The Last Laugh
This carjacker picks the wrong car to steal.

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Tiger By The Tail
Humorous take on the 2009 crumble of golfing great, Tiger Woods.

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Time To Leave Home
The kids show up when the parents are engaging in a little afternoon delight.

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Surprise Reaction
This office worker is engaged in studying her PC screen when a scary picture suddenly appears.

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One Small Step For Man
This short video is excellent for getting across the message to "Plan Ahead."

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Mexican SWAT Video No. 3
Disappointingly humorous ad about the capabilities of law enforcement south of the border.

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Why Marrying a Good Speller is Important
Funny audio of a 9-1-1 call for help.

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Written Exam
Wrongfully disqualified after taking an exam, this savy student has the last laugh.

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How a Butterfly Destroyed My Neighbors Roof
Beginning with a butterfly setting off a car's alarm, a chain of events ends badly for a home owner.  Hilarious!
Old Man in Japan
Haven't got a clue how he does any of this, but it's fascinating!  Can't understand a single word either, but you don't need to.  Watch it to the end.
Chris Rock's Message for White Voters
Chris points out some things about Barack Obama that white voter's should appreciate.  Soooo funny!
Speed Enforced by Aircraft
Great graphics and thank god this isn't a real speed trap used by law enforcement.
Lucky Escape
Here's one all the guys can relate to.  This is priceless.
Red Green's Christmas Turkey Bake
This video may turn you into a Red Green fan.  For sure, this is a LOL video.
Coffee Pot Troubles
No coffee in the lunchroom calls everyone to action.
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