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Engaging Workers as the Best Defense Against Errors & Error Precursors
Typically, workplace incidents are triggered by human actions, which can be acts of commission or omission.  These errors are human actions that unintentionally depart from expected behaviors or performance.

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Behavior-Based Safety: Setting the Record Straight
Behavior-based Safety (BBS) can easily be credited with a long history of helping organizations improve safety but, unfortunately, it has also been linked to a history of controversy.

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Behaviour Based Safety
Behavior-based Safety is a process that creates a safety partnership between management and employees that continually focuses people's attentions and actions on theirs, and others, daily safety behaviour.

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What's wrong with behavior-based safety?
The basic behavior-based process consists of identifying observable safe behaviors upstream in the process.  Then you need to identify the antecedents (activators) that encourage these safe behaviors and encourage them.  You should also identify those antecedents that discourage safe behaviors and remove them.

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Behavior-Based Safety: Can you change your employees attitudes toward safety?
Behavior-based safety is a system that claims to equip companies with the tools they need to change employees behaviors and attitudes toward safety.

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Warning!  Behavior-Based Safety Can Be Hazardous To Your Health and Safety Program!
This paper is a critique of behavior-based safety programs.  Such programs were born from seriously flawed research conducted in the 1930s and 1940s.  These programs blame workers (the victims of occupational health and safety exposures to hazards) by focusing on worker behavior rather than problems of the system, such as hazards inherent to the work process.
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Re-enforcing Positive Safety Behavior
If you think about safety, it seems that we all have a safety filter.  This filter exists in the minds of the people as they work.  It is this filter which stops us from doing things which could certainly hurt us.

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Behavior Based Safety Guide
A behaviour-based safety approach promotes interventions that are people-focused and often incorporate one-to-one or group observations of employees performing routine work tasks, setting goals carefully and giving timely feedback on safety-related behaviour, coaching and mentoring.

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The Steelworker Perspective on Behavioral Safety
The term behavior-based safety is used to describe a variety of programs that focus on worker behavior as the cause for almost all workplace accidents.  Simply stated, behaviorbased safety proponents believe that between 80% to almost 100% of accidents are caused by unsafe acts.

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Understanding and Confronting Management's Plan for Workplace Health and Safety
The United Steel Workers perspective on behavior-based safety programs.

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How to Get More People Involved in Behavior-Based Safety
This paper offers some reasons for resistance to BBS, and introduces ten practical strategies for getting more widespread acceptance of BBS and more large-scale involvement in the implementation of BBS procedures.

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Seven Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing Behavior-Based Safety
This article reviews some of our most important lessons in terms of specific barriers that can limit the potential of behavior-based safety.  These pitfalls are not only relevant to the application of behavior-based safety, but relate to the implementation of almost any program in an organizational setting.

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