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Safety is Personal: An Employer's Story
Mike Honeyman has a message for employers: Safety is personal. In this video, he shares the hard lessons he learned as a business owner after one of his workers was seriously injured on the job.
Who Moved My Cheese
Demonstrates that life is full of options.  How we approach that which we're faced and react to change is often a struggle but well worth the battle.  Lose your paradigms and keep pace with inevitable change.
Wasn't Me
Denial runs rampant in every work environment.  Who's to blame?  "Wasn't Me".  Video produced by Nick James Productions.  Produced for Star Leasing Company.
10 Signs You're Doing Well In Life (Even If You Think You Aren't)
Short video everyone that thinks the sky is falling should see.  This may change your point of view.

"Don't Walk on By" Safety Music Video
Star Leasing Company does it again with this Behavior Based Safety Industrial Music Video.  A must see for everyone in every work environment.  Song performed by Jaclyn Kromer.  Produced by Nick James Productions.
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Watch Your Attitude
This video will make you think twice about taking your frustration out on your computer.  It might fight back.
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