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How To Use the Translation Features of PowerPoint
This how-to video will walk you through everything you need to know to get started using the translation features of PowerPoint.  For more information on using Translator with Microsoft PowerPoint, visit here.
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Behavior Based Safety for Supervisors
Behavior-based safety is a safety management system that specifies exactly which behaviors are required from each employee.  These behaviors are geared toward a safer work environment.  The system must have controls in place which will measure whether or not these behaviors exist as a routine element in the work environment.

51 slides
Behavior Based Safety: Safety Professional's View
Identify differences between traditional vs BBS.  Know “when and when not” to implement BBS.  Explain why most traditional safety programs don’t work! Understand why positive reinforcement is much more powerful than negative reinforcement.

20 slides
Safety Behavior Awareness
If you examined your accident records for the past few years, you'd likely find that the root-cause of most of the accidents was unsafe acts rather than unsafe conditions.  If you read between the lines of the accident reports, you might find that the workers involved in the incidents had become complacent about safety.

15 slides
Life Saving Rules
A Suncor Energy presentation which identifies 10 “life saving rules.”  These rules have been put in place to ensure basic behaviors are followed to prevent the kind of incidents that could result in a serious injury or a fatality on their sites.

22 slides
Behavior-Based Safety (BBS)
Behavior-based safety reflects a proactive approach to safety and health management and reflects a proactive approach to injury prevention.

29 slides
Behavior-Based Safety
What influences employee behavior and how can you change that behavior to prevent accidents and illness.  By the way, everything you learn in this session can be used to influence employee behavior in other ways as well.
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