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Greensails the Movie
This video contains footage of a series of explosions from the Australian film, "Greensails."

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Mine Shot
Brief video of a shot conducted at a mine.

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Georgia Pacific Blasting
Blasting at a Georgia Pacific mine.

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Redneck Chemistry Goes Bad
Another one with Darwin Award potential.  Watch this idiot as he nearly blows his head off.

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Surface Coal Mine Shot
Short video of a shot at an unnamed surface coal mine.

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Introduction to Blasting
Portions of a Learning Channel show about blasting.

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LA Bomb Squad
Short clip about the activities of the Los Angeles police department bomb squad.

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Button Blast
Funny video with an added button for pedestrians at a crosswalk.

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Falkirk Mine Blasting
Blasting sequences at the Falkirk Coal Company strip mine.

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Carving the Crazy Horse Monument
The making of the Crazy Horse Monument in North Dakota with the use of explosives.

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First Report on Kansas City
Television show about an accident which occurred in Kansas City killing 6 firefighters.

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Loizeaux - Omaha, Nebraska Building Implosion
The Loizeaux family prepares for another building implosion in Omaha, Nebraska.
DMME's Citizen's Guide to Blasting
Live near a mine or quarry?  Learn what Virginia regulations allow when it comes to blasting.
Explosives Underground -- Handling Explosives in Modern Mines
This video emphasizes safety standards for the handling and transportation of explosive materials from surface to underground magazines.  It shows underground storage of explosives, inspecting vehicles required to transport explosives underground, examining work places and scaling procedures, and loading and detonating explosives.  It also includes staged safety violations and a review of an underground blasting accident.
The World's Largest Recorded Mining Blast
Carried out by the Iron Ore Company of Canada (a subsidiary of Rio Tinto) at its Humphrey South Pit, in Canada, Labrador West.
  • 2100 tonnes of explosive were used in the blast.
  • 1400 holes were drilled.
  • It took ten weeks to load the bench.
  • The bench measured 1.2km long, 15.5m high and was 90m wide.
To give a scale of this blast size, it was half the size of the largest ever man made conventional (non-nuclear) explosion - The Minor Scale, which used just over 4800 tonnes of ANFO.

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Montana Limestone Blasting
Several shots at a Montana Limestone pit.

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Movie Pyrotechnics
More pyrotechnics from movieland.

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Safety in Blasting
Nobel Insurance video on the safe handling of explosioves.

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Unsolved Mystery - Kansas City, Missouri
Unsolved Mystery episode about an accident which occurred in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Whale of a Tale
Local authorities decide to remove a beached whale with a little TNT.

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Wyoming Coal and Overburden
Blasting at a Wyoming coal mine.

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It was raining rocks
Shows what happens when men and machines are too close to the action.

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Tight Fitting Demolition
Bringing down a building in a crowded part of the city.  Pretty impressive.

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Hollywood Pyrotechnics
All about adding those thrilling explosion scenes to movies.

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Swatting a Fly?
Funny clip about a guy swatting a fly and thinks he initiates a building implosion.
Open Pit Mine Blasting
When it comes to open-pit mining the most visually appealing aspect is the blast.  Itís loud, intense, and who doesnít like a good explosion once in a while.  This video showcases a compilation of blast videos taken at a variety of open-pit mining sites in Canada.  Prepare to be blown away.
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